Kombucha Recipes

Once you have a batch of brewed kombucha, the fun begins. By adding fruit, fruit juices, herbs, and spices, you can create an endless variety of kombucha flavors.
In this section of Kombucha Journal you will find the results of our endless quest to find another new and wonderful kombucha flavor. We provide all you need to know to create your own yummy beverages.
The Basic Kombucha Brewing Recipe

The Basic Kombucha Brewing Recipe

This is the basic recipe for brewing delicious kombucha at home. It only takes a few simple ingredients to home brew kombucha, which results in a delicious and healthy beverage.

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Orange Juice Kombucha Recipe

Orange Juice Kombucha Recipe

Oranges and orange juice can make healthy and delicious kombucha. See our collection of orange flavored kombucha recipes. Step by step instructions and details provided.

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Orange Ginger Kombucha Recipe

Orange Ginger Kombucha Recipe

This recipe for orange ginger kombucha recipe is refreshing and delicious. Ginger is a great flavor addition to any kombucha recipe and the orange provides a fruity counterpoint.

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