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We are passionate about the art and science of home brewing kombucha. Kombucha is a delicious probiotic beverage with numerous health benefits (based on anecdotal evidence).

It is also easy to brew if you are someone familiar with basic food preparation and sanitation. Plus, kombucha can be created with an infinite number of flavors, which makes it a very creative and sometimes surprising adventure.

You can do it

Home brewing kombucha is a little different from other kinds of cooking because kombucha is a fermented beverage and is created by an amazing and somewhat peculiar organism called a SCOBY, which is an acronym for “Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast.”

However, with a little bit of knowledge and a little effort, we believe that anyone can brew their own kombucha in their home and have an unlimited supply of this truly yummy beverage.

We’ll show you how

This web site aims to provide the first time home brewer with a complete set of instructions so that you can begin your own adventure into the home brewing of this priobiotic treat for yourself, your family and your friends.

We will provide everything that you need to know as well as explain where you can find the small amount of equipment and supplies that you need to begin brewing kombucha.

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Best Thermometer for Kombucha Brewing

Temperature is an important factor when brewing kombucha. This high quality digital thermometer has all the features a home brewer needs, including a long stainless steel probe and instant read. Low price too!

Answered: All Your Questions About Bottling & Storing Kombucha

Questions about bottling or storing kombucha? View answers such as, how long kombucha can be stored, storing kombucha in plastic, when kombucha is ready to drink?

Select the Best Kombucha Brewing Jar for Safe Home Brewed Kombucha

The best kombucha brewing jars are made from glass, ceramic or steel. Learn how the best brewing jars make faster, better tasting kombucha and how some brewing jars can actually harm you.

The Basic Kombucha Brewing Recipe

This is the basic recipe for brewing delicious kombucha at home. It only takes a few simple ingredients to home brew kombucha, which results in a delicious and healthy beverage.

Best Bottles for Flavoring and Storing Kombucha

We have found the best bottles to flavor and store your kombucha in. You need strong glass, tight fitting and leakproof lids and wide mouths. They must be affordable too. Discover our picks.

Orange Juice Kombucha Recipe

Oranges and orange juice can make healthy and delicious kombucha. See our collection of orange flavored kombucha recipes. Step by step instructions and details provided.

Lots More Coming Soon!

We’ve got lots of great content planned, so check back soon.


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