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Of the many factors that have an affect on the brewing of kombucha, temperature is one of the most important. The ideal brewing temperature is from about 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (24 to 30 degrees Celsius). We have found that different temperatures within that range greatly influence how long the brew takes to become kombucha and will also affect the flavor of the finished kombucha.

A high quality instant read digital thermometer such as the ThermaPro TP-16S makes it easy to check the temperature. You want one with a long probe that slides easily down the edge of your brewing jar without disturbing your SCOBY.

Our thermometer of choice happens to be the Deiss PRO Digital Meat Thermometer, but there are many inexpensive choices available on Amazon.

Check out these other highly rated models below. Each one will show the temperature quickly and are easy to keep clean. Make your choice based on your budget and the style you like best.

You will definitely increase your chances of making yummy kombucha every time once you take control of the temperature of your brew!

You now know that it is important to control temperature when you brew kombucha. We’ve also provided some solid thermometer choices so you can easily monitor the temperature of your brew.

You may be wondering how frequently you should record the temperature of your fermenting kombucha.

The answer to that question depends, first of all, on where you keep your kombucha brewing jar. If you keep it someplace where the temperature of the air stays about the same, then you only have to check to be sure your brew is at the correct temperature once. If the air temperate stays about the same, so will the temperature of the brew.

Here are some environmental factors to pay attention to:

  • If the sun comes through a window, it will heat up your brew, which is not a good thing. Direct sunlight is not good for the SCOBY, so you should have some dark cloth or thick paper protecting your kombucha brewing jar.
  • You want to keep any cold breezes from changing the temperature, if for example, someone opens a window.
  • If you turn up the heat or the air conditioner, that will change the temperature of the room too, so be aware of that as well.

Remember though that a few degrees up or down will not make much of a difference to your brewing kombucha.

So, what do you do if the room temperature varies?

The first thing to do is insulate your brewing jar. We always keep a thick towel around our jar to help keep the temperature constant. It also keeps any direct sunlight or breezes from affecting the temperature.

Depending on your climate, you may also want to use a heat mat to keep your kombucha in the proper temperature range of between 75° to 85° Fahrenheit (24° to 30° Celsius).

For more information on heat mats and how they can help, please read: Inexpensive Heat Mat Insures Tastiest Home Brewed Kombucha

How has temperature affected your kombucha brewing? Please leave a comment.


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